About me...





            I first started performing music at Rutgers University.  During this time, I joined the Improvising Structures Ensemble lead by minimalist composer Dan Goode. Our group performed the music of John Cage, Terry Riley and others, but the thing that was most influential for me was the opportunity to have my own compositions played by a large ensemble. This group also featured jazz saxophonist Eric Kloss.


             After a few years playing with this ensemble I left to work as a session guitarist at Pyramid Recording Studio. It was there that I became fully immersed in the world of 24 track, 2” analog tape recording. I experienced sounds that I never heard before, so big, so warm, so clear. I learned the art of recording and mixing and worked my way to becoming the chief engineer of the studio. I found myself working with Gloria Gaynor, Kool and The Gang, Whitney Houston and many others.


           As the recording scene went from analog to digital, I went on to study ProTools and digital recording techniques in NYC obtaining ProTools certification. I released my first solo work “Lizard’s Tale” as a composer, arranger, engineer and producer utilizing all that I have learned over the years. It was a great experience working alongside Larry Coryell, Mark Egan and Thierry Arpino.   


           I started working with Jon Anderson on several pieces of music, in turn he offered to sing on “Lizard’s Tale”. I spent several months fine tuning, editing and mixing till I felt it was right.


           After working with Larry Coryell on my album, I got to know him better and we started working together more and more. We became close friends, I miss him…we worked on the final Eleventh House album "Seven Secrets". I composed “Dragon’s Way” with bassist John Lee and play acoustic on the album. I will always remember playing it live in the studio with the band, Larry and Julian Coryell, Randy Brecker, John Lee and Alphonse Mouzon. The energy was very powerful.


          My latest release is a work entitled Transcendance which is a collaboration with 2X Grammy award winning master percussionist Giovanni Hidalgo. Also joining us is the beautiful and mysterious Steffie Moonlady adding her ethereal vocals.  We offer healing energy to our Planet during this challenging point in time.