Dennis Haklar



         Dennis Haklar began his studies with jazz guitarist Harry Leahey. He went on to study jazz and electronic music at Rutgers University earning a Bachelors degree. He worked with independent film majors scoring compositions for their projects. Alongside jazz saxophonist Eric Kloss, he joined the Improvising Structures Ensemble. They performed the music of John Cage, Terry Riley, as well as original compositions. Dennis went on to become a student member of IRCAM in France. This culminated in a master class with Pierre Boulez at Carnegie Hall.  Also at Rutgers he studied with Larry Ridley, Vic Juris, Ted Dunbar, and Kenny Barron. He later went on to study jazz guitar and orchestration with Larry Coryell.

         Dennis has taught guitar and audio engineering for over 25 years.   He was a session guitarist and chief engineer at Pyramid Recording Studio in New Jersey.  Here he worked with Gloria Gaynor, Kool and the Gang, Whitney Houston and various others. Dennis later obtained ProTools certification in NYC. 

          His latest CD "Lizard's Tale" features Jon Anderson, Larry Coryell, Mark Egan, and Thierry Arpino. He continues to work as a guitarist, audio engineer, composer and producer.